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Beat Building Blocks are essential tool kits for songwriters and music producers who want to finish more songs, overcome “writers block,” and have more fun making music. 

NOTE: Beat Building Blocks work perfectly with ALL DAWs and beat making software programs.

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a seasoned vet, these fully stacked audio and MIDI tool kits will help give you a system that makes it easier to start and finish your music – even if you don’t know traditional music theory.

You’ll create better songs faster and finish more music daily. And you’ll have a hell of a lot more fun doing it since you’re not struggling or worrying about what to do next (or first!).

These aren’t your run-of-the-mill sound or MIDI kits you find all over the web, thrown together without any rhyme or reason. Designed systematically, these are fully customizable musical building blocks – in every Major & Minor key on the keyboard – that will keep you in flow state, inspired even when writer’s block starts to set in.

Not Sure Where to Start?
Try out the Song Making Starter Kit – the perfect way to enter the world of Beat Building Blocks.

Lego for Music Makers

Think of Beat Building Blocks packs like Lego sets for professional music makers…

You know… the building blocks for kids? You have a bunch of blocks that you can stack together in different ways to create your structure or object.

With Beat Building Blocks, you choose your sounds/instruments, take our “blocks,” stack them on top of each other and customize them in your own unique way to start a new song, finish an existing one or add fresh inspiration when you’re stuck in the middle.

Got “beat block” and just can’t get anything composed? Crack open the BEAT BUILDING BLOCKS and instantly create DOPE musical ideas that will get you out of that rut FAST.

Watch the video below to see the BEAT BUILDING BLOCKS – Song Making Starter Kit in action.

What Do You Get in Each Pack?

Each and every one of our packs contain a selection of:

  • High quality audio drum sounds
    • these are “go-to” drum kits designed to help you stop wasting time searching through thousands of samples every time you’re making music
  • High quality audio loops
    • Whether they’re drum/bass grooves, chord progressions or melody loops, these help you add an instant “humanized” element or unique vibe/mood to your song without need for your own sounds or virtual instruments
  • MIDI patterns for various song parts – chords/harmony, melody, bass/808, drums/percussion
    • These are pre-built, fully customizable MUSIC PATTERNS that pop into any beat making software with “drag-and-drop” ease – every pattern is available across EVERY key in music (A-G major/minor, including sharps/flats)!
  • Music making cheat sheets and templates
    • Want to easily create your OWN song elements from scratch? Our cheat sheets and templates help you figure out the best notes/chords/hits and more to use, even if you know nothing about music theory!

The BEAT BUILDING BLOCKS tool kits were designed for songwriters and beat makers who want to go from struggling to start or finish even 1 song, to pumping out multiple, high-quality ideas and songs daily like a music making factory!

What does that all mean for you? A system for quickly making high quality music, a bigger catalog of finished songs and more fun since you can focus on doing what you love, and not getting bogged down in the struggle and frustration all music makers face.

Browse the full Beat Building Blocks shop and see why it’s the smart music maker’s best friend!

Where to Start

If you’re new to our world, or you’re new to making music try out our flagship product – The BEAT BUILDING BLOCKS Song Making Starter Kit.

It’s the ESSENTIAL, MUST-HAVE tool kit for anyone just starting out.

Here’s what you get:

  • Pre-built, fully customizable MUSIC PATTERNS that pop into any music making software with “drag-and-drop” ease.
  • Close to 2000 melody, bassline, lead and other customizable patterns that turn lifeless songs into ear-catching masterpieces.
  • Hundreds of Chord Progression variations that add beauty and movement to build a solid musical foundation (including the ONE “MAGICAL” Pop chord progression that’s responsible for HUNDREDS of chart-topping, #1 HIT songs within the last 20-30 years)
  • 150+ high quality, punchy and loud DRUM samples that can make ANY beat knock hard!
  • 150+ high quality Audio Drum Loops that add movement and a “live drummer” feeling to any beat
  • Drum and groove templates in the style of your FAVORITE major producer that you can copy exactly as is to quickly and easily jump-start your music productions
  • Music Production CHEAT SHEETS that let you build your own chords, chord progressions, melodies and more EFFORTLESSLY, without spending a ton of time finding the notes that sound good together.

What Other Music Makers Say About BEAT BUILDING BLOCKS

Tomas Y.
“I have been going through all the packet that I downloaded from [] and the materials included there are dope. I got to say the packet is one of the most awesome shit I have put up money [for] and to this day I haven’t regretted splashing some cash online [for Beat Building Blocks], which is unusual and weird as I always feel ashamed after the very moment I push the PAY button [for other things].”

Tater Ninjas
“The Building blocks I already purchased just with a different email. I love it man I use it a ton it’s very helpful. Made some pretty cool little beats for my cousin. Appreciate all the help forreal! so far everything has been fantastic!”

Anthony S.
“I just purchased the full kit, I’m a beginner and so far the entire page has helped me tremendously thank you for breaking down the information into chunks like this! Hope to be producing some amazing sounds eventually!”

Daymian B.
“It’s helped me get three beats done already, I just started beat making like a month ago.”

Mario M.
“I really liked the packs made me 10x better on my beats”

Tim K.
“i am super excited to use this. I thank you for making the most important parts of music theory for us customers. It really makes it easy to make a melody just by using the actual pictures (in the cheat sheets)”

Ben S.
“I purchased the beat building blocks and found it really helpful. Making beats and music is definitely fun but can be overwhelming at times because I’ve never studied music, flstudio has so many different functions and just the overall complexity of beat making.”

Jordan W.
“Yo I just wanna say the best building blocks helps me out tremendously. I just started out making beat and using the building blocks has really helped me learn the program. The scale cheat sheets also are super helpful. Overall you have an amazing product that all producers should have. Thanks man.”

Taj D.
“Hey man I just want to start by saying that the beat building blocks starter kit is amazing it has already helped me almost make my first beat before that I was totally lost and was about to give up. Oh yeah man this is the only result thing that has helped me I have spent countless hours on YouTube trying to figure this and that out but this is a good foundation that actually helps you to start making a beat”