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Find Out Why All Beat Makers Need BEAT BUILDING BLOCKS

How it Works

The Ultimate Toolkit for Music Producers That Will Help Step Your Beat Game Up Instantly.
NOTE: This is NOT Beat Making Software, but a Set of Music Making Tools Compatible With All Beat Making Software + DAW Solutions

Beat Building Blocks are so much more than run-of-the-mill Audio or MIDI production kits. This essential set of drum/instrument samples & loops, MIDI music patterns in EVERY key, beautiful sampled instruments and EXCLUSIVE beat making cheat sheets will take your music production game to new heights, whether you’re brand new to beat making or you’ve been making music for years.

Beat Building Blocks Works With ALL Major DAWs and Beat Makers

Think of them like Lego building blocks for professional music production that you can fully customize. Choose your sounds, stack these beat building blocks together and BOOM - you’ve got a catchy, head-bobbin instrumental that follows the rules of GOOD music – even if you don’t know music theory!

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  • Stop searching for good drum sounds with this "go-to" drum kit filled with 808s, kicks, snares/snaps/rimshots, cymbals and percussion samples that make beats KNOCK

  • Get Inspired and Overcome Beat Writer's Block with 2000 fully customizable music patterns for drums, leads, basses, melodies and more IN EVERY SINGLE KEY on the keyboard

  • Make More HIT Beats Faster with a customizable set of the world's top Chord Progressions - including the MAGIC Chord Progression behind hundreds of chart-topping songs - in EVERY SINGLE KEY on the keyboard.

  • Use these EXCLUSIVE music production cheat-sheets that make finding chords, melodies, harmonies, perfect drum grooves and more EASIER and FASTER than ever. Churn out multiple great-sounding beats every day!

Bring the Fun Back to Making Music and Make More Beats Faster, Today!

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