The Song Making Starter Kit


“The Music Maker’s Best Friend”

Get 100s of drum sounds and audio loops, almost 2000 “drag-and-drop,” fully customizable music patterns (drum grooves, chord progressions, leads, bass lines plus more) and an exclusive set of music production “cheat sheets” to help make daily music production faster, easier and a lot more fun.


Beat Building Blocks are essential tool kits for smart music producers who want to finish more beats, overcome “beat block,” and have more fun making music.

NOTE: Beat Building Blocks work perfectly with ALL DAWs and beat making software programs.

This toolkit is perfect for any songwriter or beat maker that wants a way to quickly and easily start or finish their next song – but it’s absolutely essential for novices and beginners! Get high quality “go-to” drum sounds, customizable pre-made patterns across every key on the keyboard and more! You’ll go from struggling to start or finish 1 track to bangin’ out multiple songs every single day!

What’s Included:

  • Almost 2000 Pre-Built, Fully Customizable MUSIC PATTERNS that pop into any beat making software with “drag-and-drop” ease – in EVERY key across the keyboard (major/minor) – to instantly build the foundations of your song:
    • 120 chord progression variations
    • 265 drum/percussion patterns
    • 203 lead melody patterns
    • 192 808 patterns
    • 791 bass grooves
    • 348 arpeggios and plucks
  • 150+ high quality, punchy and loud DRUM samples that can make ANY beat knock harder than before!
  • 150+ high quality audio drum Loops that add movement and a “live drummer” feeling to any beat
  • Drum and groove templates in the style of your FAVORITE major producer
  • Music making CHEAT SHEETS that let you build your own chords, chord progressions, melodies and more EFFORTLESSLY

More About Beat Building Blocks

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a seasoned vet, these fully stacked audio tool kits will help you create better beats faster, finish more beats daily and have a hell of a lot more fun doing it.

These aren’t your run-of-the-mill sound or MIDI kits you find all over the web, thrown together without any rhyme or reason. These are fully customizable musical building blocks that will keep you inspired, even when writer’s block starts to set in.

How do Beat Building Blocks Work?

Think of them like Lego’s…

You know… the building blocks sets for kids? Think of this tool kit like Lego’s for making professional music.

You choose your sounds/instruments, take the blocks and stack them on top of each other and customize them in your own unique way to quickly and easily start a new song, finish an existing song or add fresh inspiration to something in the middle.

No more struggling with finding your flow state because you’re bogged down in building chords, drum grooves or melodies. Get right into the action by laying down your song’s foundation in seconds with Beat Building Blocks, and then customize it to add your unique style.

See how they work in the video below: