About Beat Building Blocks

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Beat Building Blocks are essential toolkits for beat makers, music producers and songwriters of all skill levels.

They’re a set of “go-to” music making tools and resources that can make your life as an artist easier and – we hope – a lot more fun.

The Beat Building Blocks Song Making Starter Kit is our flagship product – a set of cheat sheets, drum sounds, drag-and-drop chord progressions, melodies, basslines and drum grooves and more to help you jump-start or finish off your next song. And if you’re stuck in the middle, it can help bring fresh inspiration to your track.

There are future plans to expand this line of products to include more tools, resources and hacks for beat makers, music producers and songwriters around the world.

Our tools are 100% royalty free and fully compatible with all major music production software options – from Ableton and Logic, to Pro-Tools, FL Studio and more.

Our Mission

We want to help beat makers and songwriters overcome the resistance and the struggle associated with creating art.

Beat Block, Writer’s Block, Lack of Inspiration, Lack of “How to” Knowledge – call it whatever you want. The resistance is REAL.

Sometimes, just getting started can seem impossible. Other times, unlimited options make it tough to make a choice. And if you’re just getting started or don’t have a ton of knowledge in how music and production work, frustration can stop you from making any progress.

We want to change that with our selection of products.

BEAT BUILDING BLOCKS are designed for beat makers and songwriters who want to go from struggling with their craft to pumping out multiple great songs/beats each and every day like the pro’s they are meant to be.

What does that all mean for you? Less struggle, more fun, and a bigger catalogue of music.

Get right to doing what you love – creating music.

What to Do Next

If you’re interested in learning more about our products, definitely check out our shop or download a free sample of the Starter Kit.

If you’re brand new to making music or just starting out you might be interested in our guides on How to Make Beats or How to Write Songs.

Also be sure to visit our blog to read the latest articles about making music on our site.

Where Else to Find Us

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