WARNING: You’re Not Making Enough Beats

Music production is more than a hobby. It can be therapy. But if you’re reading this post, you want it to be LIFE. The thin you do everyday and the thing that makes you enough money to live a good lifestyle.

But here’s an important question.

How many beats do you make each month?

What about each week? Each day?

90% of the time – no matter what your answer is – the response is the same:

You’re Not Making Enough Beats

And I hear you… life can get in the way of a lot of things. Especially if you’re trying to manage multiple passions, hobbies or professions. There are never enough hours in the day.

But excuses are for p&$!*%s…


One of the most important skills a music producer (or beat maker) can possess is the ability to consistently churn out dope ass music, without sacrificing quality.

That’s because the size of your music catalogue determines how much success you have selling beats and getting them placed in major movies, tv shows and albums.

That’s All You Got?

You see, not everyone is going to like any random beat or two you show them – you have to give them options, and lots of them, consistently. And once they hear something they vibe with, they’ll be begging you to take their money.

But if they don’t, they’ll go to the next producer who’s got a better catalog – wider selection and more options – than you.

And guess how you build up a monster music catalog? You got it – consistently finishing more beats faster, without sacrificing quality.


One word: Workflow.

Most beginners and many advanced producers don’t really know about the concept of workflow. And so they make a few beats here and there, whenever they feel like it, not knowing the power of having systems, processes and tools in place to make things EFFICIENT.

Workflow is all about making it easy to overcome procrastination, stay productive and, most of all, GET SHIT DONE! You need to develop a process that allows you to consistently go from Point A to Point B to Point C to completion.

And it has to be a process that takes the possibility of NOT FINISHING off the table. If you start, you finish. End of story.

A good workflow makes this easy to do by clearing the road of distractions and excuses.

Finding Your Workflow

Everyone’s ideal workflow will be a little different, but they all share similar characteristics. The idea is to just make everything easier to do.

You want to set up your DAW, sample library, plugins/effects, etc. in a way that lets you execute the most important music production tasks efficiently, without wasting time on worthless tasks.

When you have a musical idea, you want to be able to lay it down quickly, without wasting time turning knobs, or browsing through endless drum sounds or instrument presets.

A Couple of Examples

So for example, a way to improve your workflow is to organize your sound library so it’s easier to find the exact sound you’re looking for without dicking around too much.

Another example of improving workflow might be having a folder of pre-made chord progressions. This will let you quickly start a new musical idea even if you’re not inspired or have no ideas in mind.


One of our favorite ways of improving workflow is having a set of essential “Go-To” tools that are ready to go as soon as we turn on our laptops/computers and open our DAW.

This could mean a folder on our desktop (integrated into our DAW browser) that has our absolute favorite drum sounds, VST presets, and more.

That way, we’re able to load up a kit, bang out an idea, and quickly build it up into a full production with minimal effort and maximum impact.

The Ultimate Tool Kits

In fact, the above hack is the reason we created the BEAT BUILDING BLOCKS tool kits.

With this essential “go-to” pack of audio tools we can quickly and efficiently start new beats, finish ones we’re stuck on and overcome writer’s block on a CONSISTENT basis.

It’s improved our workflow to the point where even when we’re feeling uninspired, we’re able to create hot new beats that sound great on a daily basis.

It’s been a game-changer. And we’re sure you’ll think so too.

Learn more about BEAT BUILDING BLOCKS or get your copy today!