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  • Piano Scale and Melody Hacks
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"I downloaded all the sheets and tried them. They are great,and so easy to use. The way it explains the scales is the best I’ve seen so far. I’m sure it will be a gr8 help in the future! Thanx again!!!" - Janos B.

"Thanks so much, this was really informative and with this information I will be able to go at making a beat from a better angle one where I might not get frustrated or confused on what to do next." - Roderiq J.


Here’s Exactly How You Can Save Yourself the Struggle and Frustration of Feeling “Stuck” Trying to Come Up with Melodies, Chord Progressions and Drum Grooves for Your Beats…

There’s no getting around it – no matter how long you’ve been making beats, coming up with dope musical ideas consistently can be a struggle…

One of the biggest roadblocks music producers and beat makers face is being able to easily pump out catchy melodies, chord progressions and drum grooves consistently.

Unless you’ve taken a complete music theory course, it can be really tough finding notes and chords that sound good together. And even drum grooves that are unique but still neck-snapping are tough to churn out consistently.

UNDENIABLE FACT: MELODY and GROOVE are two of the “make-or-break” elements of a hit song or beat.

Look anywhere online and you’ll see music professional talk about how important melodies and grooves are to chart topping music.

But aimlessly poking around on a MIDI Keyboard trying to find notes or chords that sound great together doesn’t always work! The same goes for MIDI drum pads too.

That’s why you NEED a reliable, fool-proof way to keep churning out catchy melodies, chord progressions and drum grooves CONSISTENTLY. But that can take hours of proper music theory training.

So, is there a shortcut that will allow you to cut ahead of every other beat maker out there that struggles to keep making hot shit on the regular?


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