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Become a Better Beat Maker

WARNING: You’re Not Making Enough Beats

Music production is more than a hobby. It can be therapy. But if you’re reading this post, you want it to be LIFE. The thin you do everyday and the thing that makes you enough money to live a good lifestyle. But here’s an important question. How many beats do you make each month? What Read more about WARNING: You’re Not Making Enough Beats[…]

Music Production Tools

What Are Beat Building Blocks?

If you’re a music producer or beat maker in 2017, then you probably need BEAT BUILDING BLOCKS in your life. BEAT BUILDING BLOCKS are essential tool kits for smart music producers who want to finish more beats, overcome “beat block,” and have more fun making music. NOTE: Beat Building Blocks is NOT a DAW or Read more about What Are Beat Building Blocks?[…]

How to Get Over Beat Block

3 Ways to Overcome “Beat Block” (i.e. Writer’s Block for Music Producers)

EVERY producer is troubled by the dreaded “beat block.” No matter how hard you try, you just can’t lay anything down that’s worth listening to. You try starting with drums… nope. You try starting with piano… nada. You try using a sample… nothing. You, my friend, have beat block. And it’s a real bitch. But Read more about 3 Ways to Overcome “Beat Block” (i.e. Writer’s Block for Music Producers)[…]